miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Home Sweet Home

I live in a apartment in Los Haticos. My apartment is new, comfortable, spacious. My apartment is in a safe, quiet.

I live on the second floor, apartment 2a, in mi aparment, there are three rooms, twwo bathroom, kitchen, living room, yard, garage, dining room, lawndry room, in my apartment there are threeteen rooms. My apartmente es very beautiful and big.

My Daily Routine!

Chinita's Fair

The sweety fair is the name of a religious holiday home which takes place every year for three days, from 17 to 19 November in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo and spreads to other parts of Zulia State. In this celebration commemorates the miracle of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, who is the patron of Zulia State and whose celebration is observed by the Holy Catholic Church every November 18.

Tradition relates that, on the shores of Lake Maracaibo appeared a board he found an old woman who took her home. Trancurridos few days, November 18, 1709, the old woman heard several knocks on the wall of his house on which was hung a small table. At first ignored these blows, but as they were increasingly insistent, decided to approach the place from whence came the shock and realized that on the surface of the tablet had appeared the image of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá and she sprang from bright light. Given this phenomenon, the old woman went out and started shouting: "Miracle, miracle '.

                                            Cardenales del Exito - Entre Palos y Alegrias

                   between clubs and celebrate our joys fair.

The woman told the story to the locals, this title began to worship the Virgin. Later, they decided to build the monument to the Virgin in the exact spot where stood the house of this woman, located opposite the Basilica of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá.
Then he began to be celebrated annually appearance, and the party took the name of La Chinita Fair, along which are often running in the exterior of the Basilica of bagpipes Zulia, a musical genre native of Zulia whose letters generally expressed devotion and pays homage to the Virgin. In the early sixties of the twentieth century, the Fair has grown from a traditional festival to become a national holiday, and began to acquire an international reputation.

Blog Action Day

Sushi is a Japanese viand consisting of cooked vinegared rice (shari) combined with other ingredients (neta). Neta and forms of sushi presentation vary, but the ingredient which all sushi have in common is shari. The most common neta is seafood.

-The basic elements when eating sushi are: a plate, hashi (or toothpicks) hashioki (or poses-sticks), wasabi and gari (pickled ginger or).
-The Japanese eat with chopsticks advise or covered timber, or directly by hand, but avoid using metal utensils like forks, spoons or tongs, since they alter the taste of food.
-To begin empties a quantity of soy sauce in a small well. In the West it is common to dilute a bit of wasabi in soy, but it is a practice not recommended as it hides the flavor of the whole.
-Take a piece of sushi and if you want to soak in soy sauce slightly, never on the side of rice, as it would fall apart.
-Bring the whole piece in his mouth and eat a snack whenever possible.
-When not in use chopsticks, leave them on the hashi-oki or on the plate.
-It is not considered polite to give food to another guest with their own sticks, play with them, keep them separate, puncture the food, or move through the air. By leveraging a common dish to use the front of the sticks.
-Between bites you can eat a piece of gari with a little wasabi to cleanse the palate of flavors.
-Try to completely clean your plate of food, especially rice.
-Do not eat in large quantities because wasabi is very spicy.

martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Conversation with a new friend

What's your name? 
-My name is Mariu Olivares
Where are you from? 
-I'm from Maracaibo
What school in URBE are you from? 
-I go to law school in URBE
How old are yo? 
-I´m 21 years old
Where do yo live? -
I live in Pomona  


Mariu: Here's the newspaper. Francys
Francys: Great. What movies are playing?
Mariu: The new Sherk movie is playing at 5:00. Let's see it.
Francys: Hmm.. I dont really want to see that
Mariu: Okay. Then let´s see Titanic
Francys: Okay, that sounds good!

Exercise on Prepositions – Time 2

Fill in the correct prepositions
  1. 1. Peter is playing tennis on Sunday.
  2. 2. My brother's birthday is on the 5th of November.
  3. 3. My birthday is inMay.
  4. 4. We are going to see my parents  the weekend.
  5. 5. In 1666, a great fire broke out in London.
  6. 6. I don't like walking alone in the streets at night.
  7. 7. What are you doing in the afternoon?
  8. 8. My friend has been living in Canada for two years.
  9. 9. I have been waiting for you since seven o'clock.
  10. 10. I will have finished this essay Friday